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Dedicated Family Health, LLC

    What is Direct Primary Care?

    Direct Primary Care is a concierge or specialized delivery method of health care delivery that provides better continuity by providing alternative options of communication that allow for faster replies and turn around time for health care issues that previously may have required days, and even up to a week for response from contemporary health care professionals. 


    The fee for service reduces the need to be seen for every issue as insurance encourages office visits by a health care professional versus communication which can be done by email, texting as well as telephone.  Pictures can be sent as well as video chat if needed.  This will all be an agreement as well as HIPPA compliant.  See contract for further details. 

    Most of you that already know me, know that I want to take care of all of your needs as soon as possible and want to treat any illness versus an ER or urgent care visit, which in turn, will save you money in the long run, especially with the trending high deductible insurance plans.  

    I am considering having several different options, including pay as you go with cash pay prices.  Accept insurance without the 24 hour access. We will keep you posted as to any changes and you are always free to discuss your situation with Lori, the Office Manager, with any questions or email at 

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